CV / Resume

Ian Brill 412 657 3316


1978, New York City

Based in Pittsburgh, PA



2012 MFA New Media, Penn State University, University Park, PA

2006 B.A. Studio Arts, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Performances, Installations and Public Art:

2021 Band, Curated Storefront / Downtown Akron Partnership / The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Akron, OH

2020 Plume, Wonderspaces, Scottsdale, Arizona

2020 Stimulus, 3 Dots, State College, PA

2020 Symposium, Light Play, Carry Furnace, Rivers of Steel, Homestead, PA

2020 Colonnade, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley PA

2019 Perpendicular, First Night, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh PA

2019 Exponent, In collaboration with Curated Storefront at Mana Decentralized in partnership with Superchief Gallery during Miami Art Week 2019  

2019 Vault 4.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Voed, Permanent contribution to the Hieronymus Collection, Akron, PA 

2019 Aggregate, Rivers of Steel, Homestead, PA

2019 Shelter, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Court, Hub Robeson Gallery, University Park, PA

2018 Vault 3.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Arch, with Mozilla, Github Universe, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

2018 Reverie, Curated Storefront / FRONT International Akron, OH

2018 Trunk, Curated Storefront / FRONT International Akron, OH

2018 Arch, with Mozilla, JSConference, Arena, Berlin, DE

2018 Arc, 707 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2017 Vault 2.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Gates, Thrival, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Channels, August Wilson Center, Multiple Choice, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Venus, Jailbreak Community Festival of Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Shōji, August Wilson Center, CREATE / Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Cabinet, Spirit Lodge, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Vault, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Hull, USX Building, Re:New Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Peaks, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 John Riegert, with Susanna Weyandt, John Riegert, Space, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Lining, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Gale, Three Rivers Arts Festival / CREate Festival, Pittsburgh, PA  

2016 Labyrinth, Light City, Baltimore, MD

2015 Labyrinth, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Trunc, VIA Festival 2015, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Plume, Three Rivers Arts Festival / CREate Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Storm, McCain Gallery at The Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA

2015 TRANSMISSION- DOME, The Wander 2015, Unicorn Meat NYC

2014 Satellite, Spectrum / Artscape, Baltimore, MD

2014 Plume, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

2014 TRANSMISSION- DOME, The Wander 2014, Unicorn Meat NYC

2013 TRANSMISSION- DOME, Surreal, Unicorn Meat NYC

2013 TRANSMISSION V, The Rex, VIA Pittsburgh


2013 Instabiles, with Andrew Hieronymi, 3 River Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2012 Wanderer, The Wander 2013, Unicorn Meat NYC


2012 Other People's Phenomenologies, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 Double Random, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 Max Poetic, part of the Pittsburgh DATA awards Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh, PA 

2011 Graduate Research Exhibition, HUB-Robeson Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 TRANSMISSION I, 707 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2010 Ligature, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA

2009 After Gericault, SPACE Gallery, part of "Behind our Scenes" Pittsburgh, PA 

2008 Wax Poetic, Fi’Art International Family Art Festival, Pompidou with Garth Zeglin, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

2008 Colorful Code Conveyor, with Garth Zeglin at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

2007 Synaestopic DC, with Garth Zeglin at The Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

2007 Device Chain, “Crosscurrents 2”, with Garth Zeglin at Stuckeman Family Building, University Park, PA

2007 Spaces of the Multitude, with Jonathan Kline at Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA,

2006 Uptown Reverberation, part of "In Lieu of Condemnation", with Garth Zeglin at Sage Building, Pittsburgh, PA 

2006 Jabberwocky vs. Dada, a performance at Artists Upstairs Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2003 Sounds of the Sounds of Science, performative accompaniment for George Magalios, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

2001-2002 member of Precision Contractors with Brian Grant, William Earl Kofmehl III and George Anastasios Magalios


Presented Work/Panel Discussions/Lectures

2018 Untitled Photograph of "Gale Installation",  Artistic License, curated online show by José Carlos Diaz, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

2017 Artist lecture, In Situ, SIX x ATE

2015 Artist lecture on "Plume", Three Rivers Arts Festival / CREate Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Artist lecture / workshop for "Storm", McCain Gallery at The Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA  

2014 Artist lecture on "Satellite", Community College of Baltimore County

2014 Artist lecture on "Plume", Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

2011 "Personal Vision Versus Destining- An Exploration of the Authorship of Hentschläger’s ZEE" at 

SLSA Conference 2011: PHARMAKON, Kitchener, Ontario

2011  "Light and Architecture in Installation Art"- Guest Lecturer for Students of the University of Pittsburgh,  at The Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh



2019, Americans For the Arts, Year in Review. Selected for top 50, National Public Works of the Year

2013, The Pittsburgh Foundation, Investing in Professional Artists Grant  

2013, The Penn State Center Student Engagement in PIttsburgh grant

Finalist: 2011 "Design, Art and Technology (DATA) Award"

Deans Award, 2006, at The University of Pittsburgh for Best video work: "Storage Backup Operator" 


Teaching Experience

• Professor of Art, The Pennsylvania State University World Campus, Fall 2012- present  

• Professor of Art, Beaver County Community College, Fall 2012- Spring 2013  


Art-Related Work Experience

Motion Graphics and Creative Content Contribution for William Earl Kofmehl III's contribution to Warhol, "Factory Direct", Pittsburgh June 2012


Teaching Assistant, PSU August 2010- May 2012

• Instructed: time-based media: motion graphics, sound design, digital composition/authoring and 

• Assisted and Instructed: online drawing

• Assisted faculty with: digital content management, presentations, filming, editing, sound design, electronic composition, digital fabrication, 


Artist's Assistant, Kurt Hentschläger, December 2008- May 2012

• Support (Software): Conceptualized, designed, engineered amd programmed generative sound design/electronic composition systems and custom, data-driven

spatialized sound engines for CLUSTER, HIVE, CORE and MATTER

• Assistance with Planning, Installation, Logistics and onsite direction of ZEE with the following institutions and festivals: FILE, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, 3-Legged Dog and Wood Street Galleries

• Onsite team leader/coordinator 

• Preparation, installing, maintaining, and training in the operation of immersive work

• Support (Hardware): Ordering, maintenance, inventory, repair, testing, troubleshooting and field research for various theatrical tools and custom systems.

• Technical writing: Assisted with the writing of Riders

• Research, Creative Consulting and Engineering

• General contracting

• 3D Modeling: created unique models, environments and plans

• Technical support (Software): Software and sound development assistance 


Artist Assistant, Rudy Sheperd Spring 2012

• Programming custom audio / video software


Team Leader, Organizer, Assistant Planner, and Technician for First Street Green's 2011

• Assembled and managed a team of graduate students to work within The Pennsylvania State University and First Street Green to plan, prepare, assemble, host and document their community outreach collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim lab

• Assisted FSG with: onsite filming, editing, compositing, rendering, sound design, electronic audio composition, and digital fabrication.


Preparator/Technician, the Wood Street Galleries of Pittsburgh, September 2008- Present

• Preparation, installing and maintaining the work of internationally established New Media artists

• Technical support

• Extended support / Maintenance  for Installations: "ZEE[Range]" by Kurt Hentschläger, "12-Series" by Telcosystems and "Spatial Sounds" by Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide, "The Big Picture" by Robotlab, various group shows by Macular,  Tony Heywood and many others

• General Contracting

• Programming: interface technology, troubleshooting and creative solutions for artists

• 3D Modeling

• Physical Computing

• Guide and attendee 


Research Specialist, Center for Biologic Imaging, January 2004-July 2004

• Researching specialized cells for use in filmed experiments

• Planning, reproducing, maintaining and imaging cell lines

• Operating and teaching fluorescent microscopy and imaging software


Audio Reinforcement, Club Laga, August 2002–January 2003

• Assisting musicians with sound monitoring technology

• Anticipating and troubleshooting complications with equipment


Related Skills

• Content creation and mastering with Adobe products (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premier, InDesign)

• Composition, reactive sound design / synthesis, mastering, recording and editing of audio: Max MSP, Ableton Live and Logic

• Programming: Interface, audio device, and 3D/2D visual engines: Max/MSP, Jitter and Max for Live, Processing, Python

• Game Design: Unity

• 3D modeling: Rhino and Sketchup

• Physical Computing (controlling peripheral devices through Max/MSP, Python, Raspberry Pi and Arduino)

• Project Management

• Drawing, Painting, Illustration

• Web Design: HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Dreamweaver and Muse

• Enthusiastic practitioner and researcher of multimedia hardware, skills and programs